So, following surgery to remove my gall bladder, I have been in a bit of pain. Perhaps not very manly to say so. I did find out that my situation was not quite normal. Apparently the last attack (which placed me back in the hospital) caused enough trouble to my organs that even a week later they were swollen and irritated. That explained my gut looking distended, pain when moving around, and feeling bloated.
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Generally speaking, weapons are not allowed in hospitals. In some places, combining the two will land you in jail (if not the mortuary). Nevertheless, I found out today that after making a donation to Forsyth Medical Center, the staff will happily send you home with your very own grenade! Their give-away version will be missing its detonator, and you will of course have to source your own explosive. If you fail to provide these components, the best you are likely achieve upon throwing one is causing others to vomit.
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When I find a resource on the interwebs that I use more than once, I create a bookmark to keep it close at hand. Just like everybody else. It works great. Except that, of course, also like most everyone else, I use Firefox for some sites and Google Chrome for others - depending on which site works in which browser. And then I have both a laptop and a desktop. And a Chromebook.
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Rolling Stones

After spending a wonderful weekend at the coast (maybe more on that later), I figured I may as well celebrate coming home. So that’s exactly what I did; my wife and I enjoyed the night in a cozy single bed rent-a-room down in Winston-Salem. I took full advantage of my time there and let loose lots of loud moaning. And we prayed together. In the end, I don’t really recommend this particular rental for your next getaway.
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So … season 2 of Stranger Things … not as engrossing as season 1, at least for me. But I haven’t quite given up yet. I have to assume this will end up like all the other series I’ve ever liked; there is no planned ending, so: the end only happens when funding is cut, so there is never any closure the story turns to crap right after I get hooked I will continue to watch for a few episodes (or seasons) and will eventually want to give up and throw something through the TV I’ve seen 8 episodes so far, and the best part (to me) is the soundtrack.
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Several nights ago, I pulled out the aging Commodore 64 and blew the dust off of it. I looked it over, trying to determine how I was going to connect it up to my current gear. I have lots of gear, ranging from shiny new 4k stuff to quite old composite stuff. Yet none of it was quite old enough to connect to the C64, at least with the cabling that I found in its box.
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Centipede Legs

Science fact of the day: centipede legs continue to move after being removed from the centipede. This was proven in a recent highly scientific test, which began after a centipede crawled over an unnamed IT worker’s laptop keyboard while in use. The test began with the worker soiling his shorts, and was continued with removal of the legs from the centipede. This was accomplished in a very scientific manner involving lots of spastic dancing, flailing, and stomping about.
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