During a bit of research on type 2 diabetes, I came across a book by Jason Fung, MD, titled The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss. I purchased the audiobook and listened on the way to/from work. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the book. The narrator did a great job. The book was engaging, funny at times, and written on my level. The author gave what amounted to a history lesson - describing how and why our diets have changed over the years, and what we have learned along the way. I highly recommend this book.

I felt like the subject started to finally make sense, and that I was already on the right track. In the end, I decided to try my hand at fasting again. If you read the book, you may understand why.

A few times now, I’ve skipped breakfast and lunch - resulting in what I figure to be a 24-hour fast. This past Saturday I skipped lunch. Sunday I had dinner and skipped the rest. Monday came around and I wasn’t really hungry so I didn’t do breakfast. I was busy at lunch, so that got skipped too. I had no intention of fasting that day, but this is getting easier - so there you go. I drank coffee in the morning and at noon, and plenty of water in between. after work I helped my mom at her house, and ended up doing remote support for yet another malware-infested laptop (friends don’t let friends use windows!). I drank more water and never felt hungry, so I figured I’d wait until breakfast - and try a 36-hour fast.

This morning, I still wasn’t hungry. So I downed a coffee and headed to work. I got hungry around noon so downed another coffee. This time, however, the hunger didn’t want to go away. After about 2 hours of being hungry, I was starting to feel a tad shaky - so I figured my body was telling me it was time to finally eat.

I fried up (over medium) two brown eggs from the neighbor using coconut oil, salted and peppered them, and chowed down. It didn’t take long before I felt stomach discomfort, and shortly thereafter I ended up with the Tijuana trots. Half an hour later I felt better.

So this time I made it roughly 44 hours, just 4 hours short of a full 48-hour fast. I am amazed at how easy it was, and after a few days I hope to try it again - possibly for 7 days.

I want to get my insulin levels down as low as possible for as long as possible. The goal is to reverse the insulin resistance, and end up with a healthier body. Weight loss will probably come, and it will be welcomed - though it isn’t the goal.

I believe what I’ve learned so far is that cutting out sugar (and most processed carbs) makes fasting a whole lot easier. Back when I tried it last I was still eating plenty of processed foods, and fasting was hard - I only skipped breakfast and lunch that day, and was miserable the entire time. Now that I have discontinued eating most processed foods, fasting is a whole different experience.