Alrighty then, I just broke my fast. I mean, I could probably continue on and ignore what I just did but I’m not going to. I had a handful of nuts. I wasn’t really even hungry.

It’s Friday morning, and the last time I ate was Sunday evening. I estimate that this fast lasted for roughly 111 hours. This wasn’t a planned event. I had been doing 24-hour fasts a couple of times per week for the last two weeks. That basically just means skipping breakfast and lunch. I ate plenty on Saturday and Sunday, then started another 24-hour fast Monday. But when dinner time rolled around, I just skipped. It really wasn’t a big deal. After doing several 24-hour fasts, I had already started to lose weight, and my stomach had already shrunk. Because I had cut out nearly all processed carbs earlier, I wasn’t experiencing my typical hypoglycemic issues either.

When I awoke Tuesday, I wasn’t hungry. I was already on a roll, having just achieved a 36-hour fast - so I just skipped breakfast. But lunch was a different thing altogether. The book says that the second day is typically the toughest from a hunger standpoint. I can totally vouch for that. I wanted to power through just to prove to myself I could make it past the hardest part. So I followed the recommendations; coffee and water were all I drank. The antioxidants in coffee helped drive away the hunger. I took a small amount of bone broth later that evening for the same reason. That was only around 5 ounces - mostly because I had no idea what it would taste like and I was a little worried it may make me sick or something. But in the end, that worked wonderfully. And that small amount was apparently all I needed. So power through it I did.

Wednesday came and I experienced waves of hunger, but less than on Tuesday. So I kept going. I was proving to myself that this was doable, and becoming easier. That is when I considered going for 7 days. Again, just to prove to myself I could do so. Supposedly 5 days is a milestone with regards to the body chemistry. I won’t go into that here - but highly recommend reading this book and this one as well.

Thursday was quite a busy day, and I was out and about the whole time. I started with coffee in the morning, and drank water the rest of the day. The waves of hunger were much less frequent than previously. This was definitely getting easier. When I got home, I took another small glass of bone broth and was good the rest of the night.

So that was last night. I was surprised at how easy it was getting, and proud of myself for sticking to it. What I wasn’t expecting, and what surprised me the most, was the fact that that I really wanted to eat - even though I wasn’t even hungry. This told me it was a mental thing - but it turned out that at least for me the mental aspect was actually tougher than the actual hunger. This was a prediction made in the books. Of course, making sure the kids were getting fed, and seeing/smelling the awesome food my wife had cooked up didn’t help either. It didn’t make me hungry - it just made me want to eat.

I want to be clear that through this entire fast I’ve actually felt quite well. And I’ve been more focused at work. Both of these things were also predicted by the afore-mentioned books. I have not slept as well, but I believe that to be a product of work-related stress. Exactly as expected, the hunger came in waves and became both less frequent and less intense over time. Supposedly, the hunger waves mostly disappear sometime around the 5-7 day period. Sadly, I won’t get to experience that this time. But there’s always next week, next month …

During an extended fast, your body changes. Your stomach may shrink a bit, your digestive system slows way down, etc. My fast really wasn’t all that long, but I can definitely detect body changes. And as this is my longest yet, and I’m still testing the waters, I wanted to follow the recommendations I’ve read and see how my body reacts. So I started with a small snack full of healthy fats. After a while I may have something simple like a bananna. I need to make sure my digestive system is awake and ready to go before tackling anything like steak or pepperoni pizza.

So why did I break my fast? And why now? Well, the bottom line is that I wanted to enjoy pizza and a movie with my kids on a Friday night. Not the healthiest of meals, but one of their favorites - and I have to admit I’m definitely looking forward to it. Maybe not tonight - perhaps we’ll wait for the pizza and movie until Saturday night.