I remember, one night years ago, sitting in a theater with a couple of guys waiting for a movie to start. We were laughing about something or other while the theater played a local radio station in the background. The lyrics of a song unexpectedly grabbed my attention, and I was immediately sucked in. I had never heard this song before, but the message was clear and spoke to me like few songs do. I asked who the band was, and none of the guys knew. But several rows in front of me, a woman turned around and answered “MercyMe.” I responded with “Who?”

I was not the only person who enjoyed the song; I began to hear it on the radio when at various stores/restaurants so there must have been requests for it. I found myself singing the song while on the road, and listening to the local Christian station more in hopes of hearing it again. Over the next few weeks, I ended up finding several songs which spoke to me in one way or another. At one point I decided to just buy all the songs that I enjoyed singing and make a CD so that I could listen any time I wanted. Which I did, a LOT. This turned out to have been the beginning of a kind of awakening for me, which is a story for another time. But the song has apparently become the best-selling Christian song of all time, so I was clearly not alone.

At any rate, someone made a movie with the same name. I had heard plenty of people talking about it for some time, but mostly ignored it after being disappointed recently in spiritual movies released with big fanfare. My mother took my kids to see it a while back, and all three of them loved it. That was a surprise to me, as neither of the kids typically like the forced nature of most of the spiritual movies we have seen - just like me. I then found out that the movie was really the back story of the author - so in essence, the movie was about the making of the song.

Well, I finally got around to watching the movie at home. I borrowed the blu-ray from my mom and watched on my own high definition TV and listened through my favorite surround sound speakers. You have probably already guessed my reaction.

I highly recommend this film.