Ceph Mimic Quickstart

Ceph Mimic Quickstart Ceph Release The Mimic release, though only a month old, was chosen for multiple reasons. These are the most important: Latest LTS release Bluestore - newer more efficient (and performant) storage backend Bundled management console (based on OpenAttic) Deployment Method Several deployment methods were tested. The completely manual method was clean and fairly simple, but I ended up writing wrappers to make things simpler in the future.
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When I find a resource on the interwebs that I use more than once, I create a bookmark to keep it close at hand. Just like everybody else. It works great. Except that, of course, also like most everyone else, I use Firefox for some sites and Google Chrome for others - depending on which site works in which browser. And then I have both a laptop and a desktop. And a Chromebook.
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Several nights ago, I pulled out the aging Commodore 64 and blew the dust off of it. I looked it over, trying to determine how I was going to connect it up to my current gear. I have lots of gear, ranging from shiny new 4k stuff to quite old composite stuff. Yet none of it was quite old enough to connect to the C64, at least with the cabling that I found in its box.
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Trackpad Almost Blue

Last night I spent a little time on the Samsung Chromebook Pro. My goal was to find a few offline apps, namely VLC and anything I could find for photo editing. Today I am flying from Raleigh into Denver, and from there I will be driving into Creede with some good friends. Our destination is, well, kinda out there - and both local internet and phone reception will be iffy at best.
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Future Fiber

So the Windstream field tech showed up and wanted to look at my indoor equipment. He almost immediately “found the problem” by simply eyeballing the network rack. He went on to explain how this and that were done wrong, out of date, or whatever. I just let him roll with it, replace connectors, whatever. I then went on to explain how everything has been in place for years without change, how my neighbors have the same issues that I do, and that I have basic proof of where the fault was not (inside).
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Sometime in the late 1990s, I worked at a large, global IT services company called Inacom. I was shipped all over the US, from Irvine California to Jacksonville Florida to Kalamazoo Michigan. I built networks, connected banks, merged IT shops, and did all manner of other stuff I thought was exceedingly fun. At one point, I ended up at American Express to replace a colleague named Rich. I just couldn’t wrap my head around why he was leaving; he said he wanted to move to Colorado to become a botanist.
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VyOS: Getting Your Feet Wet

Goals For VyOS to be a viable replacement for my typical OpenBSD deployments, it must … Pffft. The goals were defined in a previous post … so let’s just get on with it, shall we? First Step Hints tab or question mark (?) provides command completion / hints enter configuration mode with the configure command after describing changes, use commit to make the changes live after changes are live, the save command will update the boot configuration exit configuration mode with the exit command NAT Outbound NAT NOTE: translation address can be specified; the use of masquerade results in usage of the primary address of the interface.
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